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View the videos and information below to get to know me and answer some questions you likely have.

Image by Tim Goedhart
  • Can I book a session?
    Yes, If you live in Northern Utah and would like to come in person or live anywhere in Utah and prefer to use zoom, call me personally at 801-652-4386 or Aspire Counseling at 801-525-4645. Also see my profile in Psychology Today by going to
  • What if I don't live in Utah?
    For now, there is no real answer to doing licensed counseling across state lines. This is a regulatory issue run by each state. Many states are working on this issue and are building a pool of states that will cooperate and share licensing credentials making it easier to do, but it is not finalized yet. There are coaches out there who don't have these concerns, but that world is generally unregulated.

View this quick intro video to see if you want to know more.

Take 3 minutes with this video to get to know me a bit more.

I don't take insurance.  View this 8 minute video to learn how to get the most of your money.  Is there a downside to insurance?

View this 7 minute video to learn what to expect when we get started.

View this 7 minute video on couples counseling and what to expect.

Watch this 16 minute interview.  This will help you really get to know me. Am I right for you?

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